Campus Veteran Portal

User Research | Prototyping


A web portal with centralized information embedded within the university system to empower student veterans by connecting them to relevant resources and community during transitions.


Class Project
(Interaction Design Practice)


3 weeks
(Nov. - Dec. 2016)


  • User Interview
  • Prototyping
    (with Axure)
  • Usability Testing


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How do we empower and give back to a group that has made a significant contribution to the nation, but their transition has remained a struggle? For student veterans, it’s extremely difficult to connect within a community after transitioning from active duty to civilian student. They often feel isolated and have difficulties finding support.

This was the final project in our introductory course for interaction design, of which we were given the prompt based on CHI 2017 Design Competition: Leveling the Playing Field to identify a design target that's often excluded or left behind, and to create a design intervention accordingly.

Problem FramingWhy Student Veterans?

Some of the user groups other than student veterans that we were initially interested were foster child, single-mother, and mentally disordered. However, with what the CHI brief emphasized: "where ongoing access and engagement is possible" in mind, we came to the decision of addressing student veterans with our design.

Research & Insights

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Testing & Iteration

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